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About Us


Louise Winery

Louise Winery is located in No. 001, Yisi Road, Shiren Town, Jiangyuan District, Baishan City. It covers an area of 20,000 square meters and a construction area of 4,000 square meters, with a total investment of 50 million yuan. It is a European-style industrial complex integrating ice wine, various fruit wine brewing, foreign wine, ginseng wine, production, ginseng series health care product processing and leisure and entertainment.

Louise Winery has established two ice grape production bases of nearly 1000 mu. Canada's Weidaire, Germany's riesling quality ice grape varieties were introduced respectively. Adopt the most advanced production equipment and brewing technology. White ice wine, red ice wine, dry red wine, cherry wine, rose wine, brandy produced by French technicians, ginseng wine produced by using ginseng resources.

Yi road, chateau, set cultivation, processing, brewing, sales through-train, integration of company, base, farmers, efforts to build agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, has 1500 square meters of banquet hall, can accommodate 1000 people dining at the same time, European style wedding and sightseeing Tours for room and board, more than 300 square meters of exhibition hall wine, full of beautiful things in eyes of wine from all over the world, can hold all kinds of wine tasting events, nearly 500 square meters of wine cellar, storage, collection function into an organic whole, nearly 10000 square meters of lawn can open a golf driving range, for eight side guests to provide different service requirements.

Louise Winery adhere to the "pursuit of excellence, integrity and win-win" business philosophy and service purpose. Following the concept of green, natural, healthy and safe enterprise development, we sincerely invite guests and friends at home and abroad.